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Although speculation is now running rampant about a relationship between Bray Wyatt and Jo Jo Offerman, it’s important to have some perspective and to take all of this with a grain of salt until more information is known.After all, at this time, the only evidence that Wyatt and Offerman had a backstage fling comes from The Daily Mail, and most if not all of their report seems to be based on the word Neither Bray Wyatt nor Jo Jo Offerman has responded to the Daily Mail report.They filmed some stuff, and I started talking to Jo Jo because I thought she was a pretty cool person," Gabriel said. ' They said, 'nothing, just go on dates,' and we went on multiple dates."I never realized she was so young, I think she was like 18 or 19 at the time. They'd take film, which never aired, by the way; we filmed so many cool things,, and I said to the producers, 'I don't think I can do this. Then you have to break up with her on TV.' And that's the scene they played." Gabriel said the show made the breakup look more like a spectacle, with him playing the villain. I'm outta here.'" Black also talked about the Corre being a "knock-off group," information on the new season of Lucha Underground, the Nexus losing to Team WWE at Summer Slam, and more. Gabriel wanted to end things due to his uneasiness over their age difference and producers of the show wanted to play out the breakup on screen, which didn't sit well with him."I didn't want to be a part of [Total Divas] at all.Rotunda says that her husband engaged in “adultery and misdeeds,” also referring to these actions as his “antics and affairs.” The court documents themselves do not actually name Jo Jo Offerman as the person Bray Wyatt allegedly had an affair with, however.

Rotunda responded by saying that she loves Jo Jo, and Jo Jo called Mika her sister.The Daily Mail also reported that Jo Jo and Wyatt have “managed to keep their relationship on the down low” until now.In addition, Samantha Rotunda’s lawyer told The Daily Mail that he has phone records showing that Wyatt and Jo Jo are maintaining “continuous contact.” Samantha Rotunda in her divorce filing is asking for the home, child support, and alimony.In September 2016, Jo Jo and Jesse celebrated their third anniversary together.Jo Jo wrote on Instagram at the time, “It feels like just yesterday 😍 Thank you for being you.

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has provided fans an inside look at the lives of the women of WWE and their significant others, but a former superstar wasn't happy with his portrayal on the reality show.

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