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“There are certain things you can do as a woman, certain plays and mannerisms to throw guys off” she said.

If you fancy your chances with Kimberly off the poker table, be warned she has some pretty high standards, and reckons that you need poker skills and the look if you want to impress her (much).

Because of her increasing popularity, and despite still working for several other companies as a writer and reporter Lansing was asked to assist with the hosting duties on the World Poker Tour television show, alongside her bosom buddy Layla Kayleigh.

You can’t keep a good girl down and Kimberley still remained an enthusiastic poker player through it all.

Proving there’s no justice in the world; at the time Kimberley was dating a guy who would rather play poker than show the birthday girl a good time.

Ms Lansing said, “My boyfriend was playing poker (a lot) online and he said, “I have to teach you how to play; I think you’re going to love the game.” A doofus he may have been but he was right about that.

I think I’m rare: I don’t think there are a lot of girls out there that can do what I’m doing.” All that and modest too!It keeps it fresh, it keeps it fun and every time I go out to work a different event, it’s something new and exciting.” Despite being a USC Grad, she’s no deskbound bookish wordsmith though.Like most great momentous events Kimberley Lansing can remember the exact day she “met” poker, (it’s an easy one to remember) as it was her birthday.She attended the University of Southern California, worked at the college news station and majored in Broadcast Journalism.Shortly before graduation (with a bachelor’s degree) Ms Lansing began writing for US Weekly Magazine and the Associated Press.

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You got to love a girl who knows her way around a deck of cards.