Who is michelle heaton dating

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Who is michelle heaton dating

While the five winning contestants of Popstars formed Hear'Say, the five runner-up contestants formed the group Liberty.The name Liberty was chosen to reflect the freedom the members experienced following their participation in Popstars.“Our little man arrived this morning at 8.49am my beautiful wife @wonderwomanshel was amazing, I'm so proud of her. Michelle then followed up by retweeting the message and adding some words of her own to followers eagerly awaiting her labour.The previous day she admitted to more than 200,000 fans that she was “just bored of waiting” for her bundle of joy.“I guess that’s because I’ve come out and accepted my sexuality.” Speaking of his past personal issues with dating men, he said he thought he had worked through all of that.“I was too paranoid to even converse with guys in the past and I just wasn’t ready to open that can of worms up…

Liberty X released another 2 albums, Being Somebody and X, which reached Numbers 12 and 27, respectively.

Michelle kept fit during her pregnancy by taking part in Zumba workouts to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month last September.

When she announced the news, the star – who found fame on talent show Popstars - also revealed that she planned to remove her ovaries as she was at risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Amidst pejorative media commentary (including the term "Flopstars"), the act proceeded to sign a multimillion-pound record contract with Richard Branson's independent record label, V2 records.

Shortly after forming, Liberty received a legal challenge in the UK High Court from a funk R&B band, also called "Liberty", who achieved success in the 1990s, including being awarded Capital Radio Band of the Year, playing Wembley Arena, European tours and the release of albums in the USA, Europe and UK.

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He dated Heaton, 32 several years ago, and said she was upset that he joked she was the reason for his attraction to men.

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