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Who is pilar sanders dating now

3.) The Protective Order that Deion previously obtained against Pilar through the Prosper Police when she was arrested on April 23rd, was VACATED.

4.) Deion's application for A Protective Order against Pilar For Family Violence in the Family Court was DENIED.

Deion Sanders' ex-wife was sentenced to seven days behind bars today for failing to return their kids in a timely manner ... Pilar Sanders was found in contempt, and immediately taken into custody.

The judge ruled she did not bring their 3 children back to do Deion on time after a visit last July -- and also took them when it wasn't her turn.

AND, she said that she even recorded the whole thing with her cellphone…but Deion deleted it. Tags: assault, deion sanders, divorce, fight, football, jail, legal, nil, pilar, pilar sanders, player, wife As we previously mentioned, Pilar Sanders' sister recently fired back in her defense over the fight that took place between Pilar and Deion Sanders.

Well Deion was recently spotted walking with his two sons and so someone asked him how he was doing.

He kept saying: Tags: assault, child, children, deion sanders, divorce, exclusive, football, home, kids, men, pilar sanders, spotted, walking, woman As we all know, there are two sides to every story.

Much of the story we previously mentioned about the Deion and Pilar Sanders fight has just been hearsay.

He feels that it's not fair and claims that it's six times more than Texas law requires.She's tired of being painted as the bad guy so she recently sat down to an interview that went a little like this: Tags: abuse, actress, arrested, baseball, career, cause, child, deion sanders, fitness, football, happy, health, interview, kids, model, mother, people, pilar sanders, quote, wife A judge had ordered that Pilar Sanders and Deion Sanders must stay at least 100 yards away from each other while a gag order was in place.The gag order was almost completely ignored by everyone except Pilar, who is now speaking because it was lifted — and she's telling her side of the story.That is until now that Pilar's sister Kandie Biggers has spoken out on the whole situation.She said: "On behalf of my sister, Pilar Biggers Sanders, I am writing to you to say without any hesitation that the charges and horrendous allegations my estranged brother-in-law are making in regards to being assaulted by Pilar are 100% false.

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Here are the facts that Pilar wanted to state: FACTS: 1.) Deion Sanders was NOT granted temporary custody. 2.) Deion Sanders is NOT allowed to take the children out of school and out of state, without advising Pilar.

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