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Hayes is now married to his longtime partner Scott Icenolgle.), the rent would be a cool six grand for Will and Grace's cushy Upper West Side abode at 155 Riverside Drive. But Grace Adler's wedding to Leo Markus, played by Harry Connick Jr., was the first time a Jewish man and woman were shown getting hitched on mainstream TV.But it’s definitely not in the forefront of our minds when creating this show week-to-week.

Maybe not, but the point of his new comedy Sean Saves The World is to make us laugh and audiences will be able to find out if the actor, who gained fame with the long-running Will & Grace, has succeeded on October 3 when the series premieres on NBC.

Mutchnick and Eisenberg dated in real life, and then became close friends after Mutchnick revealed he was gay. Eisenberg, who attended Beverly Hills High School with Mutchnick, now works as a casting director in New York.

, and they each won at least one Emmy for their performances.

“I know a lot of friends and fans had been saying, ‘When are you coming back to TV? ’ And like everything, it’s about timing, and so all these things just came in line.” Hayes met with Victor Fresco, who created series like Better Off Ted and wrote on My Name Is Earl and Mad About You, and, Hayes remembered, “we were tossing around ideas and we landed on this one.

And I was like, ‘Yes, I’ve never seen that character on TV before, a single gay dad raising a family, or raising his daughter actually.

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But will Sean, the sitcom character, have a dating life?

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