Who is tilda swinton dating dating into polygamy

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Who is tilda swinton dating

Coincidentally, 21-year-old Jackson sort of looks a bit like a young Swinton, doesn’t she?

And then there’s Alicia Keys, Mariska Hargitay, and Ellen Page, some of the most popular (reportedly) straight women we just can’t stop hoping will wind up gay.

She doesn't, for example, have a publicist – usually an essential A-list accoutrement. You don't interview Swinton so much as engage with her – particularly when it comes to cinema.

As passionate about Avatar as she is about the work of Robert Bresson, Swinton's here today to talk up I Am Love, a project she's been developing for 11 years with its director, Italian-born Luca Guadagnino.

The life of the mother, of growing children, is kind of at an end now." She calls the film her "meat and potatoes"; it's the kind of fare she likes to get her teeth into – more so, presumably, than her forays into the Narnia-like fantasy that is Hollywood.It is a very civilised arrangement and I know some people will struggle to understand it but it works for us. I understand people will be curious, but it's really our business. It's freezing when I meet Tilda Swinton, in a hotel overlooking London's Leicester Square. "In the north of Scotland, it's been extraordinary. Just to show you..."She leaps up, pointing to her hip to demonstrate the depth of snowfall: "It was up to there..." It conjures an enduring image: Swinton, surveying her kingdom, like a Highlands version of the White Witch she played in The Chronicles of Narnia films. "Why would I when there's hip-high snow in the north of Scotland?That’s a s–t reason to come to a gig.” Right, so keep your bras one, ladies. La Roux’s latest single, “I’m Not Your Toy,” was released yesterday.Just because the lyrics say “This is not another girl meets boy” doesn’t mean she’s saying it’s a girl meets girl.

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Gloriously operatic in its intensity, it's an intelligent, searing study of infidelity, betrayal and love in the closed circles of upper-crust Milanese society.