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On 8 January 2007, Yang recorded her last "Guess Guess Guess" show due to her busy schedule and focus upon her music/acting career.

Hoping to portray herself as a "serious" actress, Yang co-starred in the lesbian-themed film Spider Lilies alongside Isabella Leong.

The same year, she released her debut album, My Intuition, featuring her hit song "曖昧" (Intuition) as the theme song of Devil Beside You and 理想情人" (Ideal Lover).

In 2006, she released her follow-up album, Meeting Love, which also sold very well at around 1.4 million.

Next she filmed The Child's Eye in Thailand, a horror flick directed by the Pang Brothers with Elanne Kong, and also Taiwanese drama Hi My Sweetheart with Show Luo, which first aired on CTS and GTV on 1 November 2009.

In 2012, Yang starred in the romantic short film, Heart Beat Love, alongside Show Luo.

On 17 August, she released her 7th studio album Wishing For Happiness.

After an X-ray examination, doctors diagnosed Yang's injury as a spinal contusion.

After leaving the hospital, producer Angie Chai took Yang to a Chinese massage therapist.

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In the same year, she starred in the Chinese Drama Love at Second Sight which first aired on 10 August 2014.