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Now, that being said, the younger generation of lesbians are a lot more trans friendly, trans accepting.

However, I don’t tend to date often in groups that are around 10 years younger than me in age.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) (Took me a while to even find a related photo) I know I haven’t written nearly as many blogs this month as I had in previous months, but that isn’t because I haven’t had thoughts and ideas rattling around in my head per say.

Not that I am really rambunctious or not settled, but I am in a phase in my life where that has become more of a priority.

And it seems, to at least me that it’s taking a lot longer time for me to reach an emotional threshold with most people.

Even as much as I adore women, it doesn’t change my ever dynamic way of experiencing sexuality because of being being demisexual.

But now what I am faced with is that I do have a longing, and ache in my soul to find a partner again and it’s so redundantly, ridiculously hard in our culture.

I am sure though, that to a degree that will get easier with time.

The reason I feel that is because as I transition I become more adjusted and easier to get along with in my blossomed identity.

Crammed into the plane with hardly an inch of personal space, tears streamed down my cheeks.

Heading to a new continent, I knew I should be happy, excited, and eager for this new adventure.

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Some lesbians find the idea of being with a trans woman to be worse than being with a man.

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