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You find us on the fourth floor of AF-borgen #p6 #studentlund #af-borgen #freecondoms #freelube Tomorrow, Friday, is the LAST open day at the P6 office before the summer break! We also just got these handy lube packages, both water and silicone based!#freelube #belladot #summerbreak #studentlund Today is IDAHOT (International day against homo- bi- and transphobia) and you can meet P6 outside the university building (white house)!The new dating revolution is completely changing archaeologists’ perception of how settled life and early agriculture first spread through Britain and how, some 800 years before Stonehenge, Britain’s first monumental buildings came to be constructed.Here you can explore your deepest, adult phone chat desires and fantasies!Who would have thought, that they'd want to do it without Him, now that they seemed to enjoy each other, so they took the cool from the Day, a slow fade as white turned gray!

From the moment she stepped on stage, she grabbed the room’s attention and left us hungry for more. She will never cease to inspire me and push me to become a better person.

he can tell Him anything, she can tell Him everything, He holds their secrets... He is their stay for He loves em both and cannot bare what their separation will cause His friendship with them cos, ... He doesn't wanna loose them, He bringing them together was meant to give them a new high with Him! [ominous music playing] what did He make: what had He done! [fast paced music playing] had It known, It would not have crucified the King of Glory.

so He brought them together, He being their perfect bond of Unity! [melancholic music resumes] "Who told you" He uttered, as they covered up His masterpiece with fig leaves: they fell short of His Glory Naked and ashamed....

Meet P6 Officers in front of the main university building (white house) in Lundagård from 10am to 1pm to hang out and talk about this important day!

#p6 #idahot #lund #sexualhealt #lgbtqi We are proud to present the newly elected from the spring Generel Members' Meeting!

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I also regularly produce debates alongside the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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