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• Something we often hear from members who set their distance preference to a 30 or 60-mile radius is that they do so because they are unable to travel very far to spend time with a match or, should the relationship progress, are unable or unwilling to move and feel it is unfair to expect their match to do the traveling or be the one to relocate.

Though this may seem like the courteous thing to do, if this is your situation, my question to you is, “What if someone you feel is truly special is willing to do all or most of the traveling and/or willing to relocate for you … ” Also keep in mind that for a long distance relationship to work, it is only necessary that one member be willing to travel and/or relocate and until you communicate with your match, you won’t know if it doesn’t necessarily have to be you.

Our goal is to help each and every member find this person.

Several factors contribute to and enhance a member’s chance of being successfully matched — one of which is their Match Settings.

Alle Infos dazu findest du in unserem "Dating-Apps Vergleich".

Your Match Settings create the matching pool we can use to search for your matches.

Therefore, understanding how your preferences affect the size of your matching pool and, consequently, the number of highly-compatible matches you can receive is important.

You could switch your search zip every few weeks, or, if you live in one area more often than the other, you may want to use the zip for that location for most of your search.

Using both zips will allow you to be included in the matching pool of members who live in those areas who may only be searching locally.

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And if you want to be upfront about this matter right from the start, just a reminder that you can share your travel and/or relocation situation with your matches on your About Me page.