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Her name was Helen and she had been one of the prettier girls in my high school. She and my father split up a couple years ago, but she’s doing fine, just hates men nowadays. I’m staying with Mom for a few weeks now, and then I’m off to South America! She admitted I was right and that it was her problem, not mine.She had long brown hair, deep brown eyes and a body that turned heads. He was messing around with some little harlot at his work and got caught. “Still in the same old classroom, same old syllabus, and still setting adolescent boys’ hearts a-flutter! She told me that was about the time her marital problems were starting to happen, and also she didn’t like the idea of any guy screwing her daughter.I found her very easy to talk to with a great sense of humor. We dated the last several months of our senior year and through our first year of college. ” We shared a brief, sweaty hug and the dog was jumping up almost to my shoulders. Most of the boys in school thought she was hot, and they all fantasized about her, and that helped make Helen seem hands-off to many of them. She said she didn’t think Helen was gay, just open to things, and when a bunch of nurses went to school together, things could happen.She went to a different school to get her nursing degree so we ended up going our separate ways. ” I asked as I coasted to a stop a few feet away from her. She told me also that she wondered if something might happen between Helen and me while she was home. I took off my shirt and pants and shoes and dove in. ” I had dived into the pool at school and the rush of water had yanked my swim trunks right off of me. Then she tossed her bra aside and was wearing nothing but her panties, and my dick was hard as nails. I took her glass to the kitchen and returned with it refilled. And she said that she wouldn’t mind seeing Hubby fucking another woman either, so what did I think, am I up for it, it would be fun. She had red rose petals tattooed around her navel and a silver stud within. I could feel another healthy dose of my cum preparing for liftoff, and soon it rose up and out of me, not as big as the first, but four or five solid strings leapt deep into Helen’s juicy twat.

In the spring of our senior year Helen and I acted in a school play together and we hit it off. And not too well trained, I’m afraid.” “Is she your dog? I guess she was still in her thirties then, with a slim athletic body, tight ass, firm titties and a beautiful smile. As we became more and more comfortable with each other, I looked more and more forward to our workouts. She mentioned Helen’s same-sex relationships (plural! I only knew about the one with Geri) and how that took some getting used to at first.

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We’ll grill out by the pool, have some drinks, catch up on everything and then we’ll have a pop quiz on Antigone! She wore a flowery summer dress hemmed above the knees, and her long legs and arms were beautifully toned and tanned. Babs, who had been floating on a raft in the pool for most of the evening, was right behind her. We’d all been reminiscing throughout the night and we continued along those lines, talking about the times we’d shared. She got into the front passenger seat, Connie was behind the wheel and I climbed into the back. Helen and Connie hugged and kissed and exchanged I-love-yous. We walked back out of the terminal and found the shuttle to take us back to Connie’s car.

Her dirty blond hair was shorter and slightly frizzed. She disappeared behind the French doors that led into her master bedroom. “Morning, Will,” Helen said coolly, barely making eye contact. At the airport we checked Helen’s bags and then went as far as we could before saying our goodbyes. She kissed me on the cheek and turned, waved, and entered the line to security.

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We were by this time in our mid-twenties, and it had been over five years since I’d seen her. The dog leaped toward me but she yanked back on the leash. I figured if Helen wanted her to know about our last night together she could tell Connie herself.

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