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Yahoo sex cam groups

Legal advisors representing the search engines argued that it was not technologically feasible to lock all key words involving such ads, as it would inadvertently block out any content remotely connected to such words.

Senior advocate CA Sundaram, on behalf of Google, said that as soon as any such ad pops up, the intermediary blocks it, but it was unable to completely prevent them from showing up Sex determination is an offence in India, where the rate of female feticide is alarming.

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court of India on Wednesday ordered Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to stop showing ads related to pre-natal sex determination in the country.

The country's top court ruled that such advertisements violate the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act of 1994.

We welcomed Black Girls Code, Hack the Hood, and UCSC’s and SJSU’s National Society of Black Engineers.

The day started with tours around our Yahoo campus including access to the Accessibility Lab, the UX Lab and Studios.

Since every question is moderated, most of the embarrassing fun is edited out and the most ridiculous questions never see the light of day.

As we wrap-up our Black History Month activities, we are honored to have celebrated our African-American colleagues and users.

We continually strive to embrace the past and engage the future by developing and celebrating our African-American talent.

India's Apex Court, which is fighting a cultural bias that has led couples to abort girls, has slammed several multinational search engines for not observing laws which were established to prevent female feticide.

Here’s what to do if you think you might be one of them – and even if you don’t. Yahoo has said that people who are affected will have been notified – but there’s no guarantee that you will have heard yet, and Yahoo might not even be able to get hold of you if your account is especially old.

Given that 500 million accounts have been compromised, the chance of actually knowing and hearing from Yahoo or anyone else is very low, and the chance of being caught up in it is high.

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